Any extra or your personal ideas can be fitted to you new Ranger float. Below are a few of the more common extras requested.

Rear dust cover Water Carrier - 20 litre with cradle on side
Rear barn doors or single lift door. Extra access door including frame and latch
Split ramp with padded top gate Aluminium plate to drawbar
Interior light with switch Overhead rug rack(holds 2 rugs)
Sliding side windows Full Saddlery (exterior door)
Sulky carriers - spring fold Pivoting saddle racks
Feed bucket retainers - (each) Individual breech doors
Adjustable chest bars (per side) Water tank with pump
Side canvas awning Fold down beds
LED lights 240 Volt power
Quarter front windows Individual breech bars
Roof vents, (pop-up or rotary) Rubber to side walls